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Easter is coming…

By March 29, 2018News

Easter is nearly here. For most people that means a break from work, and lots of chocolate.  For us there’s still lots of Chocolate, but it’s certainly not a break; it’s the time of one of our big Tango events, ‘Eastonathon’.  3 days, 5 milongas.

Luckily, we’ve managed to get a great team for this year’s event; I’m really pleased with the DJ squad that’s coming. Justyna is a great DJ and fabulous dancer.  Diego is great fun and really knows his stuff, and local dancers can trust him too. Anthony coming from ireland to make a welcome return to our Milongas. And Fabienne is a great friend and was a great success last time she DJd for us.

Behind the scenes, there’s Susan keeping all the food and drink organised all weekend, which is a huge job! And Sarah’s mum is looking after our son all weekend so we are free to run the event.

Sarah has been busy for a few days now, preparing the food for the whole weekend. There’ll be hot cross buns, and the usual huge range of tasty cakes and snacks. It’s a huge task, and she’ll be leaving the milongas early each evening in order to prepare for the next day.

Which just leaves me, swanning around trying to look like I’m in charge, but secretly just keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll all go OK.

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