The popular Eton Milongas are at the wonderful Old Windsor Memorial Hall; there’s lots of space, a superb modern sprung dance floor, and loads of free parking. Enjoy a friendly welcome, complimentary refreshments, excellent traditional music, good floorcraft, and a great atmosphere!


At our Milongas you’ll get the very best traditional Tango, Vals and Milonga, played in tandas with cortinas.  Enjoy the excellent music, complimentary refreshments, considerate floorcraft, and friendly atmosphere.

“…one of the few milongas which I have been to where every tanda was inspirational to dance to with really good partners. Thank you everyone for an amazing evening”

The venue is a lovely spacious hall with a new sprung dance floor. There’s a 360° professional sound system giving an immersive sound experience with good acoustics. Above all, it’s a friendly evening with a welcoming atmosphere.

Old Windsor Memorial Hall

  • Really easy to find
  • Loads of free parking
  • Modern, sprung, maple dance floor
  • Excellent 360° sound system
  • Refreshments provided
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Easy to reach from M4, M25 or M3
  • And a there’s pub over the road

The doors open around 30 minutes before the start of the Milongas, so you can arrive early.

Next Eton Milongas @ Old Windsor:

Saturday 2nd March 2024 19:30 – 23:15
Eastonathon 29th March – 1st April
Saturday 4th May 2024 19:30 – 23:15
Saturday 1st June 2024 19:30 – 23:15
Saturday 6th July 2024 19:30 – 23:15
Saturday 3rd August 2024 19:30 – 23:15
Septonathon 13th – 15th Sept 2024
Saturday 5th Oct 2024 19:30 – 23:15
Saturday 2nd Nov 2024 19:30 – 23:15
Etonathon 27th – 31st Dec 2024
New Years Eve 31st Dec

Prices and discounts 

Advance price: £11.00 ends Wednesday before the milonga. Or £12.50 by cash on the door.
Click here to pay in advance and get discounts up to the Wednesday before the Milonga

Old Windsor Memorial Hall

Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berks SL4 2RN

What about the Music?

At our Milongas the Tango music is always traditional, carefully selected and played in tandas with cortinas. The resident DJ is Charles.

We put a lot of effort into getting the best possible sound quality.  The speakers are arranged around the dance floor to give an immersive experience. We use specialist sound cards, and use a 16 band equaliser constantly to manage and adjust the playback to suit the acoustics of the individual track and the venue.

There are no interruptions for Salsa, Jive, announcements, show dances, or Chacarera; just non-stop Tango dancing to the best ‘golden age’ music.

A word about floorcraft & etiquette

We want everyone to have a fun, safe time, so our Milongas have become a byword for good floorcraft, courtesy between dancers, and traditional Codigos. We like to think that’s one reason why so many dancers come to them. We don’t want to be too strict about things, but before you come you should know what we expect. The dancing is in two lanes, usually in close embrace, with respect for the dancers around you. There’s a good explanation about floorcraft here….

If you want to perform show moves, or dance in the middle of the floor, then our milongas aren’t for you. If you don’t respect these ‘Codigos’ then you may be asked to leave. See our terms & conditions.

Please do:

  • Use the ‘Cabeceo’ to request & accept dances.
  • Get consent from the couple who’ll be behind you before joining the ronda
  • Keep a constant flow of movement around the dance floor.
  • Dance in a constant lane around the edge of the dance floor.
  • Keep your distance to the couple in front, and avoid overtaking.
  • Apologise if you bump into other dancers.
  • Aim to dance with one partner for each ‘Tanda’ of 3 or 4 tracks.
  • Leave the dance floor during the “Cortina” between Tandas.

Please don’t:

  • Travel against the line of dance.
  • Obstruct the line of dance.
  • Use steps or movements that risk kicks or collisions.
  • Make sudden changes of direction or change lanes.
  • Teach each other steps.
  • Stand or sit obstructing the dance floor.
  • Walk across the dance floor.