About Us

Since 2006 Thames Valley Tango has introduced over 2800 people to Tango, taught over 3500 group lessons, and organised more than 550 Tango dance events

Charles Long

I’ve been dancing Argentinian Tango for over 20 years, and since 2004 I’ve been dancing and teaching Tango full time. I’ve danced across Europe, the USA, and Buenos Aires and I still study with maestros, as well as dancing at many milongas in London and around the UK.

When I started to dance there wasn’t much Tango dancing locally. The Tango lessons were disappointing, and the local milongas weren’t well supported. So I set about establishing a strong and vibrant local Tango community with the very best lessons and events.

Now, our teaching is widely known and respected, and our students can been seen dancing across the UK and Europe. I’m very passionate about delivery teaching of a very high standard, using professional methods and a carefully developed approach that makes learning Tango as easy as possible!

Our focus on professional teaching methods and fun has paid off, and our lessons have become more and more popular. I just love teaching Tango, and the lessons are always enjoyable. We have taught over 3500 group lessons so far, plus hundreds of private coaching sessions.

Tango can be challenging, but I have found that it allows us to share a unique experience. What’s important for me is not only how it looks from the outside, but also what both dancers are experiencing in a dance that is special and exclusive to them. It’s something I hope everyone can share.

Now our events are some of the most popular in the UK, and our Tango events keep me busy too; we run lots of different formats in 3 different locations to suit everyone. Most weekends we are running an event somewhere. And several times a year we have major multi-day festivals that attract dancers from across the UK and Europe.

I’m  also an experienced DJ for Tango events; at our Tango dance events, and at milongas in the UK and Europe. I select from a library of over 30,000 Tango tracks and spend a lot of my free time researching and developing my Tango music collection.