A special extended Tango Easter weekend. 6 milongas with fantastic traditional music, dancing on a sprung large dance floor, and a team of favourite guest DJs.

Lots to enjoy!

Hours and hours of dancing; 6 milongas over 4 days.
The best Golden Age Tango, Vals and Milonga from a team of favourite DJs.
Enjoy considerate floorcraft, and traditional codigos such as the Cabeceo.
Savour the charming hall with a brand new sprung dance floor.
There’s great quality sound from a 360° professional sound system.
Above all, there’ll be a friendly welcome and atmosphere.

Booking & payment

We make it as easy as possible for you at Eastonathon; there’s no need to book in advance, just come along when it suits you!
  • Pick & choose the milongas…
  • No need to reserve your places…
  • No need to pay in advance…
  • No need to bring a dance partner…
  • Pay in advance (discounts available until 31st March)…
  • Or just pay when you arrive, by cash or card

Friday 18th April 2025

Evening Milonga
DJ: Charles ‘El Patron’
19:30 – 23:30
£13.00 card / £12.50 cash

Saturday 19th April 2025

Afternoon Milonga
14:00 – 18:00
£13.00 card / £12.50 cash
Evening Milonga
19:30 – 23:30
£13.00 card / £12.50 cash

Sunday 20th April 2025

Afternoon Milonga
14:00 – 18:00
£13.00 card / £12.50 cash
Evening Milonga
19:30 – 23:30
£13.00 card / £12.50 cash

Monday 21st April 2025

Extended 6 hour Milonga
12:00 – 18:00
£16.00 card / £15.00 cash

The Venue

Old Windsor Memorial Hall, Straight Road, Old Windsor, Berks, SL4 2RN

  • Brand new, sprung, maple dance floor
  • Loads of free parking
  • Excellent sound system
  • Free Wifi
  • Easy to reach from M4, M25 or M3

The Music

The Tango music at Eastonathon is always traditional ‘Golden Age’ recordings, carefully selected and played in continuous tandas with cortinas TTVTTM.

There are no interruptions for Salsa, Jive, announcements, show dances, birthday valses, or Chacarera. Only non-stop Tango dancing to the best music.

Comments from previous Eastonathon events

What a wonderful weekend! Thanks Charles, Sarah, and all the great DJs and people who danced with me.
It was especially fabulous fun, so many thanks to Sarah, Charles, the DJs and lovely dancers
Thank you Charles and Sarah, Ricardo, Diego and all you lovely leaders. My feet tell me I had an excellent time!
Wonderful to be part of this lovely event, thank you for making it happen
Great atmosphere! Great music! Great dancing! Great weekend! Thank you all very much x
Too good My feet hurt
It was simply wonderful , thank you all
It was especially fabulous fun, so many thanks to Sarah, Charles, the djs and lovely dancers
And I would drive 500 miles and I would drive 500 more just to be with the lovely peeps of Old Windsor. Thank you for a fabulous time!
Fabulous right up to the end. Heard several people who claimed they were tired and needed to leave but the music just kept them dancing....
So happy that I was finally in the country and able to attend Eastonathon. It was fab!
Thank you Sarah and Charles, and everyone else too, for a wonderful time.
Love, laughter and a glorious amount of hugs....and eggs... Such an amazing vibe with so many experienced dancers and new folks too. Lots of time to chat as well as dancing really makes for a great community
Thank you Charles and Sarah!! You created something special again! I had great fun with a fantastic hall, friendly atmosphere, good cakes, lovely dances, nice chats and about a 1001 cups of tea..
Thank you Charles and Sarah! I had a wonderful time x
I had a fantastic weekend! Congratulations on organising another perfect event, it’s just so reliable, I always know it’s going to be great and a lot of people commented the same.
Thanks to you and Sarah for organizing the tango “thons - I really appreciate and enjoy them.
Thank you Charles and Sarah for a wonderful event! Thank you both for all your hard work for these events. Jenny x
Continuous fabulous music and dances. My only complaint is that it's been so good that I haven't wanted to stop dancing to eat any cake.
Heading home after a perfect afternoon dancing. Thank you leaders for the lovely dances and thank you Charles & Sarah for such a friendly event (and of course the cakes)
Sarah H
Had a fab day dancing with you on Saturday.. thank you for organising such a great event!
Sunday was amazing!!! 🙂 Thank you to the DJs for the awesome music, my lovely dancers and to Charles and Sarah!
Thanks for another lovely weekend. I had a fantastic time, as always. I'm already counting the days till the Septonathon!
Thank you for fantastic two days of dancing. Sarah & Charles - you truly are amazing hosts
It was such a pleasure to play for the lovely crowd, and dance in the evening. Wonderful event as always!
What a lovely four days of Tango, thank you both
Another fabulous weekend, thank you!!!
Another excellent weekend.
A very successful and fun Eastonathon. It was a pleasure to be there, to see so many friends and make some new ones.
Thank you for a brilliant weekend,... Really enjoyed it and looking forward to more in the future
Thank you for making it such a brilliant event, lovely atmosphere, music, keeping us going with very tasty cakes, tea and coffee and bringing together lots of fabulous dancers!!!
I came for the first time and was so impressed by the friendliness and standard of dancing! Lovely - thank you to Charles and Sarah and to all those who took a risk and danced with a new face.
Good Friday became even better last night with a great start to our first visit to Eton tango. People were friendly, music was lovely, delicious selection of cakes available all evening and I was lucky enough to experience many lovely Tandas. Thank you Thames Valley Tango for the warm welcome.
What a beautiful day that was! Thanks, Sarah and Charles for hosting me and for all your hard work in organising such successful events. It was also an opportunity to meet old and new friends
Such a nice event! The atmosphere, the cakes, the people, the cakes, the music, the cakes, the venue, the cakes - I could go on! Thank you Charles and Sarah - you did it again!
The energy from the dance floor was outstanding! Watching all of you dancing & smiling made me fly! Thanks again
Amazing event. Thank you Charles, Sarah, DJs, friends & lovely people I danced with, chatted with or just plain hugged
Beautiful milongas these days. I enjoyed it very much
Thank you for organising a lovely event, we had a great time again!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work with this last weekend and indeed every milonga that you do - your milongas are always my favourite place to dance! I know how much work goes into setting up a big event and I just wanted to let you know how much it's appreciated!
Thanks for another great day. But that's now the norm at Eton at Easter and Christmas. And getting better every holiday. That's why so many fabulous dancers came from all over the UK and Europe.
Well Eton you have lived up to expectations, first visit will not be the last. The floor and everything else was lovely, am presuming the music will stop playing in my head too soon. Too short a visit but very sweet
I had an amazing time for 2 days - blew my socks off! Thank you Charles and Sarah for putting on one of the best events I've been to in the UK - so relaxed and friendly and fantastic music from the DJs.
Huge thank you both, the DJs and helpers for an absolute stonking weekend! I would not have wanted to be anywhere else
Thank you Charles & Sarah for the most fabulous Etonathon. Amazing DJs. Yummy cakes and gorgeous dances!
What a great event! Thank you Charles and Sarah for organising and bringing such great DJs to Eton and thanks to the DJ's and fellow dancers for making it such a great experience. I can't count the number of truly amazing tandas I shared. Home now, very tired but very happy with a big bunch of memories to keep me smiling over the coming days and weeks.
What an amazing experience again! THANK YOU ALL!!!:)
Thank You Charles and Sarah for a wonderful weekend of Tango. We reflected on it all the way home on Monday evening. Monday afternoon was the icing on the cake for me. The Music was sublime as was the other D/J choice also. Now I'm hearing about all the yummy food that we had no time to eat for dancing
So many thank yous needed! To Charles and Sarah for being such fantastic hosts and for creating the very special Eton atmosphere. To all of the wonderful DJs for the music which was fabulous throughout and to all the lovely dancers who I danced and shared the floor with in such a joyful and considerate way. It was wonderful..thank you!
Thank you Charles and Sarah for such a wonderful weekend!!! our first weekend at Eton and it was a hit!xxx
As everyone has already said, fab weekend. Thank you Charles, Sarah and Kelly for all your hard work. Sarah this week's Star Baker. Lovely dances with friends old and new.
Everything was absolutely superb! Many ,many thanks to everybody who organised and participated to the best tango marathon in UK!
What a special Easter this became! Lots of friends + great music throughout the whole weekend = a happy heart. Am still dancing! Thank you Charles and Sarah for inviting me to DJ @ Eastonathon, and thanks to all the dancers who created such great energy during my set
Just wanted to congratulate everyone for what was a seriously fun event! I had an amazing time watching you dancing beautifully to my music on sunday but better than that, I have to thank all of those who shared many tandas with me throughout the festival. Last but not least, I take a bow to Charles and Sarah for their amazing organizational skills. Keep on the good work! In one word - bliss!
Already one week past, my wife is still indulging in all the good music and dances she got from Eastonathon, happy wife = happy husband! Not mentioning about the excellent organiser and the brilliant DJs, but also a special thanks to every single individual who has taken part in the event and created this fabulous weekend all together. You Rox! Big hug! Happy tango everyone! Hope to see you soon!
This was our first Eastonathon but hopefully not the last one. It was just amazing! Thank you so much Charles and Sarah!

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