Our Tango Lessons

Do you want to learn to dance Tango? If you would love to be able to partner dance, if you’ve been amazed watching Tango dancers, or if you just want to try out a new dance-form, then you should give it a try!

After teaching over 3,500 group lessons since 2006, we’ve now taken a break from teaching regular group lessons and these days we only teach private lessons. Why? Because it’s the best way for you to learn! You’ll be dancing with an experienced dancer and teacher, and the lessons are tailored to you, so you’ll make the best possible progress.

"It uplifts me. I love it. The music is amazing"
"I had a big smile on my face from the minute I started"
"It’s the best thing ever. It’s just changed my world"
"It’s the most satisfying dance that you will ever learn "
"Come along and give it a go. It will get you hooked!"
"I heard about Thames Valley Tango, and I tried, and it was amazing."

  We teach social tango…

…for normal people, who want to dance at tango dances (Milongas), not on stage.  Why waste money on learning something you will never use? That’s why we don’t teach show moves or sequences, and we don’t use guest teachers based on their stage show performances.

 Carefully prepared and planned lessons

We started teaching because we were disappointed by the low standard of teaching that was available, and since then we have constantly refined our teaching techniques and format.  Now, over 3500 lessons later, we are still developing new ideas to help you learn tango easily and quickly.

 The lessons are FUN!

Yes, the lessons are simply good fun!  You’ll learn faster when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself.  So our lessons are always entertaining.  The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming.

 Consistent teaching team

Very good tango dancers don’t necessarily make good tango teachers (dancing and teaching are very different skills), so we don’t use guest teachers, and we don’t swap teachers every few weeks.  You’ll have a consistent teaching team; that way, we get to know you, and we can develop progressive lessons that suit you and your pace of learning.

 We tailor the lessons to suit you

We understand that everyone learns at a different speed and in different ways.  So we look after you and judge the pace of the lessons to suit you.

 Our teaching techniques work

Learning with us you’ll never be lined up behind teachers, trying to copy their moves.  You will never be walking up and down the room refining some nuances of the Tango ‘walk’.   Quite simply, we’ve found that these approaches to teaching Tango don’t work and are a waste of your time (and they’re a bit boring).  You’ll learn by dancing with a partner, in a progressive way, just like when you’re out dancing.

 Our pupils enjoy going out dancing

You’ll soon have the confidence to enjoy lots of local tango dance events.  Just like lots of our other students!

  Dance with style

We don’t believe in teaching you to dance sequences of steps. That’s because Argentine Tango is not a sequence dance. Instead, we show you how understand the principles of Tango, allowing you the freedom to explore and enjoy Tango for yourself.

But just doing the steps correctly is not enough. A beautiful dance happens when there is harmony between the dancers. We dance for enjoyment through partnership, so the dance doesn’t need to be flamboyant or crowded with complicated manoeuvres. We prefer a few steps danced musically and beautifully.

We promote the highest standards of floorcraft and respect for other dancers.


Frequently Asked Questions