Tango DJ

I’ve been dancing Argentinian Tango since 2000. Initially it was my hobby, but in 2004 I left the corporate world and since then I’ve focused on dancing and teaching Tango. Ever since then I have focused on the music that we are playing, and the way that it creates the dance.

That is what has given me more than 12 years of experience as a Tango DJ.

What’s important for me is what the dancers are experiencing. I want to create a joyful and special atmosphere, where all the dancers can enjoy a rich collection of tracks, subtly crafted into a collection that carries the dancers along with it.  After all, it’s all about the dance, and what everyone is encountering at that exact moment.  It’s so fascinating to experience the effect that subtle alterations in the music can have on the atmosphere of an event!

I am the resident DJ at our milongas, which has given me years of know-how and understanding. At the latest count I have been the DJ at over 300 of our milongas, and they are now some of the most popular in the UK. And now I’m the guest DJ at more and more milongas across the UK, too.

Tango events keep me busy! I select from a library of over 30,000 files, covering over 6,000 Tango tracks, and spend a lot of my time researching and developing my Tango music collection ready for the next milonga.

As a professional I use dedicated DJ software  – never iTunes or Media Player – to allow me to manage the large library effectively and optimise the sound quality. I use a selection of external sound cards, and I’m one of the few Tango DJs who uses a 16 band equaliser constantly, managing and adjusting the playback to suit the acoustics of the individual track and the venue.

Get in touch to discuss having me DJ at your Milonga.

music selection

Milongas where I have been DJ:

  • Eton
  • Cambridge
  • Tango Journey, Marlborough
  • Caminito, Oxford
  • Burley Corazon
  • Pavadita, London
  • La Calesita, London
  • Juntos, London
  • Tango loft, London
  • Learning Tango, Apsley
  • Richer Moves, Romsey
  • Otoño Milonguero, Saarbrucken, Germany
  • Milonga La Ideal, Warwick