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ooo look – I’ve got a camera

By February 26, 2018Rant

So you’ve been to a Tango marathon or encuentro.  And whilst you were there you took lots of photos, presumably because you weren’t dancing much. And now you’re back, you’ve decided to post the complete album on Facebook.

Why?? Huge albums of photos from Tango events can be a pointless wastes of time on social media. Typically they’re just endless shots of couples in an embrace. Either smiling or ‘lost’ in Tango blss. They just leave me wondering who, exactly, is supposed to be interested?

People who didn’t go won’t be interested. After all, they weren’t there.

People who were there will only be interested in photos of themselves, and will struggle to find any.

People who wanted to go, but couldn’t, will feel bitterness about what they missed.

Hmmm. So the only person who is interested in all the images is the photographer?

So put the camera down. And start dancing.

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