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That was a close one

By June 23, 2016News

Sunday afternoon. Eton.

I’ve just put out an appeal for help setting up for the afternoon’s Matinée Milonga. It’s a job that usually takes me 3 hours, but today we have just 30 minutes to do everything. Yikes!

And there’s a lot to do besides putting out tables and  chairs.  Every table has to be decorated with fresh roses. Water and cups need to be put out for everyone.   All the audio cables, speakers, and laptops have to be connected, and the hall itself has to be decorated with drapes, curtains, and rope lights.  The toilets need fresh towels. The tanda display has to be set up.

Everyone springs into action, and we get stuck in.

25 minutes later, and I can’t quite believe it; everything has been done!  The doors are open and dancers are starting to arrive.  The hall is looking great and the music is playing.

Thanks David, Russell, Phil and Maxine; you worked a miracle!

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