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Juggling DJs

By January 30, 2016News

There are loads of Tango DJs out there, but when you’re a bit of a control freak (me?) and very choosy about who you allow to DJ at your events then it can get tricky.  And preparing for this year’s Eastonathon event has been as arduous as ever.

I’ve visited a lot of milongas to check out DJs, there are always lots of suggestions from helpful other dancers, and some DJs got a guest slot at our Anniversary Milonga too.  But… let’s just say that I’m always amazed at the different approaches that people take to the DJ job, and how professional they are (or not!).

So the team that are coming to Eton to DJ at Easter have passed my closest scrutiny and boy, am I pleased with the line-up!

There are some well-known and much loved faces; Kirsty Bennett, Ricardo Peixoto, Antonio Martinez,

And some new names at Eton; Solveig Jansen, Hiba Faisal, and Anthony Cronin

Oh, and me.

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