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What makes for a bad Tango DJ?

By January 6, 2016Rant

Lots of people with a collection of tango CDs have a go at DJ-ing. Only a few get it right. It takes a lot of preparation, research, and concentration (oh, and good looks, intellegence, wit, & charm..). Like many things, if it’s done right then it can appear easy. But there are some signs that it could be going horribly wrong:

  • DJ with ‘spanglish’ pseudonym.
  • Cheap and/or poorly set up sound equipment.
  • “I have prepared the playlist for the Milonga in advance”.
  • “Here’s a track that you won’t have heard before” (I wonder why?)
  • The DJ spending most of the evening dancing.
  • The volume too loud. I said TOO LOUD
  • Random music mix, with no tandas or cortinas.
  • Even worse; occasional cortinas, so the dancers are even more confused.

and a special section for Analia ‘LaRubia’ del Giglio:

  • Walking around on the dance floor amongst the dancers to check the sound quality
  • Randomly varying the number of tracks in each tanda
  • Dancing as a leader and travelling in the opposite direction to the Ronda (i.e. clockwise).

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