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Happy Birthday to us!

By January 6, 2016News

10 years ago I wandered in to the Windsor Arts Centre (as it was then) on a whim.  With time to spare and an idea in the back of my head I checked out the rooms that could be used for some Tango lessons for a few friends.  I’d been dancing for a few years and become a bit obsessed, and some friends had asked about lessons.  And that was how it started; I booked a room, the lessons were advertised in the Arts Centre programme, and a few weeks later we had a room full of people eagerly awaiting their first taste of dancing Tango.

I had a lot of help and support from other dancers in those early days, especially Peter Okell-Walker who shared my enthusiasm for the project and brought experience of his many years as a professional trainer and musician.  We had both experienced 2nd rate teaching and poorly organised events, and we knew that it could be done better.  And loads of other dancers were happy to come along to help out, demonstrate, and encourage us.

Hot on the heels of the success of the lessons in Windsor we started lessons in High Wycombe and Farnham, and then Reading and Oxford.  And then weekly practice nights started in Eton. We’ve organised holidays, workshops, international guest teachers, and dance marathons.

The Eton milongas started in 2006 too.  These days I shudder at the memory of the music we played and the way we danced in those early days, but we’ve come a long way since then!  Most importantly I met Sarah when she came to Eton in 2008, and now we’re a happy family with our son Torin, enjoying a life of dancing, teaching, and running events.

And now it’s been 10 years! Wow!  There’s going to be a big celebration event on Saturday!

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