The Music on Wednesdays at Eton

We’re really keen on playing the very best possible mix of Tango music, and on Wednesdays we try to help you practice your dancing.  So we make sure the music reflects the tracks that you’ll be hearing in our lessons and in milongas locally.

You’ll find that the music on Wednesdays is traditional tango from the ‘Golden Age’; approximately 1935 to 1955.

As usual, it is played in tandas, in TTMTTV sequence.  Tio help you dance with more partners we play tandas of 3 tango tracks, 3 milongas, and 3 vals.

Artists you can expect a lot of are; Biagi, Caló, Canaro, D’Arienzo, Di Sarli, Donato, Demare, Fresedo, Lomuto, Malerba, O.T. Victor, Rodriguez, Tanturi, & Troilo.

Things you won’t hear played at Eton are Sassone, late De Angelis, late Troilo, Varela, and  Gotan 😉  And we don’t much like Chacarera either, sorry.