There are lots of places to stay in Windsor & Eton, and most are within 10 minutes walk of the Tango venue.  These are a few favourites;

The Christopher Hotel is just around the corner from Baldwin Hall

The Crown & Cushion is 100 yards away, in Eton High Street.

The Prince George Inn is 200 yards away, close to Eton Bridge

The Windsor Travelodge is 10 minutes walk from the Tango venue. But it doesn’t have a car park, and is more expensive.  Beware that some rooms face the local nightclubs, and can be noisy late at night.

Charles House guesthouse is a few minutes walk away on a busy road, but with PIN entry, so you can come and go as you please.

If you don’t mind a short drive, then there are cheaper options:

The Langley travelodge is the favourite for visiting dancers. It has a car park and the Carvery next door serves good value breakfasts.

The Slough Travelodge is 2 miles away, but doesn’t have a car park.

Car Parking in Eton

Pay & display

There is pay-and-display parking in public car parks and street-side in in Eton, but these can get busy at peak periods & the summer, so allow time to find a parking space.

Private car park

We’re very lucky to have the use of a private car park for our events in Eton, in exchange for donations to a charity nominated by the car park owners. But it fills up very fast, and many cars using the car park have only one person in them, using a space that could benefit 3 or 4 dancers (if every car had 3 or 4 people in it then there could be enough car park space for everyone).

If you use the private car park then there should be at least 3 people in the car, so that the maximum possible number of dancers will benefit from the car park spaces, and please make a donation in the collection box; we suggest £1 for every empty seat in your car.

Alternative car parks

There are lots of public car parks locally you can use, or why not car-share, or meet up locally and come to Eton in just one car? Our Facebook group is a great place to coordinate & make arrangements!