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This is going to take a while…

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We’ve been shut down for 7 weeks now, or is it 8?  To be honest, we’re starting to lose track of the days and weeks, with just the home schooling schedule keeping us on track with a weekly routine.

And there’s no early prospect of Tango resuming either; we are getting resigned to waiting until next year before anything can start again.  And right now that seems a very long way off indeed. And that’s a very serious issue for anyone who, like us, relies on Tango for their income.

Any thoughts about planning for future events are being put to one side, because it would just add to our frustration.

In the meantime, I’m working my way through a long list of DIY jobs around the home, and spending far too long on Facebook and YouTube!


Strange times indeed

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What a difference in 2 weeks.

Our milonga a couple of weeks ago was a marvellous night, and to be honest, we were really happy to see so many people come along to support us. Sure, there were fewer dancers than normal, but somehow the atmosphere was extra special; there was a real feeling of community spirit and warmth from everyone. Perhaps it was because we just didn’t know when we’d been seeing each other again, or maybe in our hearts we know this would be the last milonga for several months. Either way, it was a truly special night.

We had a Wednesday Tango night after that, but that was the final Tango for us until we get the all-clear.

So now our Tango has pretty much stopped altogether, including the big Eastonathon event at Easter that was an obvious casualty. And, of course, we can’t go out dancing and meeting all our friends in the Tango world.

It’s just heartbreaking to have to call a halt to everything that we’ve been building up over recent years. Our milongas have been thriving recently, with new faces discovering us and become loyal supporters, so it’s especially sad to call a halt.

The only things still happening are our private lessons, and our regular students have been fantastic! We’re teaching several days a week, and the private lessons are becoming a real lifeline for us.

But we will be back, it’s just that we have no idea when that will be.  Strange times indeed.

Keep calm, and carry on

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Tte Covid-19 virus has caused masses of uncertainty and concern around the Tango community lately, with plenty of self-taught ‘experts’ happy to share their views and concerns.

As Ricardo Pxt has put it: “I am amazed on how everyone has suddenly become a public health specialist voicing the words of wisdom about the Coronavirus situation above those of the people who really understand what is happening (i.e. public health specialists). Reminds me of June, Wimbledon and how suddenly everyone is a tennis expert.”

As for us, well we’re following the current NHS and Government advice, and the Eton Milonga at Old Windsor is going ahead as planned.

I won’t pretend that it hasn’t caused us to stop and think before running the milonga. I mean, as the organisers we have a responsibility, right?

But it’s not for us to pretend to be immediate experts on public health, so it seems to us that it’s best to follow the advice from folks who actually know what they’re talking about.  That’ll be the NHS and Government (I know, I know, but in this instance I’m prepared to believe them). And they are not saying anything about cancelling events or staying away from crowds yet.

Parents are still required by law to send young children to school (exposing them to contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of other people every day). Sports events etc. are still running. There are no restrictions on public transport. People are still going to work in busy shops and offices.

Folks are always free to make their own choices and avoid coming to milongas. If you’re worried then don’t come. If you’re vulnerable for health reasons then don’t come. If you’re going to talk about nothing else all evening then perhaps don’t come too 🙂

If there’s one good thing that will come out of all this, it’s that people will be more fastidious about washing their hands regularly. And lets face it, that’s got to be a positive result.